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Punctum Let's POD-TOGETHER™  is a leading social organization that aims to build local communities on a local and national network. 

The organization programs enable every member of the community to be and feel significant and belong.

The idea of Let's POD-TOGETHER™ developed during the search for new ways to accelerate social processes in developing communities, focusing on disadvantaged populations and communities. 

We believe that real change that lasts and leads to more positive change always starts from the inside: change is not coercing others to what we think they need; it's listening to, learning from, and responding to the local community's needs. 

With a tailor-made and multidisciplinary public program approach, Let's POD-TOGETHER™, we create experiential learning and practice that drives sustained change into society with the community. The Affordable Moveable Community Center (AMCC) can be a community space that includes a day school with an evening vocational school and a community center on the weekends. The needs and activities will be determined by the community members, and we will design and build for them with them. 



Our unique Affordable Moveable Community Center is designed and built with containers used to transport goods at sea, and with our partners, we diverted to the state-of-the-art AMCC.

Instead of being thrown somewhere and polluting the environment, we Pod Together. It is greener and cheaper. 


We know that every society, community, and family has the fundamental need to be together in a healthy, productive environment. Creating an empowering place that produces a positive long-term effect is necessary as the clean water, food, education, electricity, and medical services space can provide.

We created a versatile structure of physical, technological, and educational elements that adapt to those they serve.A full-service, affordable, Moveable community center (AMCC) connecting human expertise to pod technology with the support and partnership of foundations, universities, organizations, NGOs, and companies. 

Let's design, create, and build transformative, communal space anywhere: let's Pod Together! 

Please contact us to learn more

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