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Business Development & Partnerships initiatives 
Traditionally, business development and partnerships initiatives aim to maintain current partnerships and business relationships and create new revenue channels through penetration to new markets, developing new products and services, and adopting new business models. 

Successful business development activities are strongly relied on the right professionals to execute them. 

Punctum's capabilities, combined with our experienced team of people and unique and deep business understanding, will provide your organization with opportunities for organic and inorganic growth, using appropriate business models to better reflect the organization's strengths.

Our guidance training and support will drive your company and the organization to expand its operations into actual or complementary areas of activity, independently or by cooperating with other local or international companies through strategic alliance or partnership.

Procurement strategy


We believe that Procurement involves much more than just handing over the company credit card and paying for a purchase. 


We will create A powerful procurement strategy that includes everything from identifying which goods and services your company/organization needs right through to maintaining accurate documentation and records.


A fundamental procurement function's role is to drive the purchasing process's standardization and implement accessible cost controls. 


We will analyze your Procurement reports, and we use the outcome of that study to design key performance metrics that need to be implemented, preform and tracked to ensure that we are aligned with your company/organization goals.

Business Analysis


We will analyze the opportunity to figure out how to make it work (or work better). 

Our insatiable hunger to accomplish the goals brings us to work tirelessly on any project we believe in. 


We provide our clients and partners comprehensive tools to understand and shape their business to overcome challenges, create new contacts, and build long-lasting business relations.


We want to produce the big ideas and see them through. 


We seek to acquire and apply expertise. We thrive in an autonomous and intellectually stimulating workplace, working alongside other competent people, pursuing knowledge, or creating systems. 

Project Management


We will conduct a project that will stand accompanying resources and budget on schedule. We will provide project management and led teams through the entire project cycle, including project planning, legal work, interviewing research, operational analysis, strategic insights development, and public relation, and much more...


Our team of people, partners, and associates come from all business and management practice fields, With a broad diversity of educational, professional backgrounds and extensive contacts in every area and every business world branch. 


Our ultimate goal is always to bring the best team of minds to our client's ideal project, anything that invites our creativity. 


Negotiation & Conflict Management Strategy  
If you are international organizations, NGOs, government agencies, or cooperations and operate in institutionally and economically fragile, conflict and post-conflict environments. We will provide advisory, monitoring, expertise and conducted complex evaluations in stabilization and peace-building.
We are rigorously logical and fiercely independent in our thinking, and we believe we can overcome any obstacle with our clients. Our values, intelligence, Delegating work, motivating others, and seeing things through will create significant opportunities for you to grow.
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